Lincoln Bypass wins more funding; second phase can begin

By: Whitney Mountain
Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2011

The Lincoln Bypass project last week received $20 million, much of the funding needed for the second phase of construction.

The high-profile project will create a 12-mile, four-lane expressway around Lincoln, diverting congestion from the city’s downtown to the edge of the community.

The route starts at Industrial Boulevard and ends at Highway 65 near Sheridan.

“A 12-mile-long new road is huge,” said Celia McAdam, executive director of the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency. “It’s a tremendous amount of structural work.”

The $291 million first phase began in 2008. It involves heavy construction on the main four lanes set to open next summer.

Construction of the $27 million second phase will begin next year. The California Transportation Commission awarded $20 million for the second phase last week.

“We put 20 years’ worth of money into this,” McAdam said, explaining that the county transportation agency dipped into county funding of future projects to start the Lincoln Bypass construction.

McAdam said she expects to award the project to a construction company by February and start the second phase in the spring, and expects the second phase to be completed by early 2014.

The agency was lucky to find funding for the latest phase, McAdam said.

“The state’s discretionary money could have gone anywhere in Northern California, and it was a tough competition,” McAdam said. “These days, transportation money is so scarce, so when you can get some, it’s worth celebrating.”

The third phase has not received funding but is expected to cost $30 million. Like the second phase, it includes relatively minor construction, such as pavement.

According to McAdam, the entire project will be completed two years after the county finds funding for the third and final phase.

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